The RightMed test is a medication response test that analyzes a person’s DNA to predict how he or she is likely to respond to medications. To make it easier to learn about the test, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 things you may not know about the RightMed test:

  1. It’s based on the science of pharmacogenetics.
    Pharmacogenetics is the study of how our genes (“genetics”) affect how we respond to medications (“pharmacology”). Research has found that our DNA is responsible for up to 95% of how we respond to medications the way we do.1 If we understand our genetics, we may be able to better predict how we’re going respond to certain medications. With a patient’s pharmacogenetic information, doctors may be able to prescribe more effective prescriptions with fewer side effects.

  2. It was co-developed with Mayo Clinic.
    As with many things in healthcare, Mayo Clinic is a leader in pharmacogenetics. We’re proud to be co-founded by Mayo Clinic and to have developed the RightMed test with three Mayo Clinic doctors and pharmacogenetic experts, Dr. John Black, Dr. Liewei Wang, and Dr. Richard Weinshilboum. With so many genetic tests out there, it’s important to look for tests that are reputable and produce results that doctors can act on.

  3. It analyzes 27 of your genes and provides results for over 300 medications.
    Some medication response tests only look at a couple of genes and only provide results for a handful of medications. We’ve taken a different approach with the RightMed test. We offer a test that provides results for many medications so that you’re armed with helpful information when you have future prescription needs. The RightMed test provides results for over 300 medications that are used to treat 30 different medical conditions, including depression, cancer, pain, and cardiovascular disease. (Curious about a certain medication? Search our medication list.)

  4. If you purchase the test online through OneOme*, you get a consult with a genetic counselor to review your results.
    The science behind the RightMed test is complex, but OneOme provides resources to help you understand your results. When you order the test online through OneOme, you get a 30-minute phone consult with a genetic counselor to ask questions and review your results. This is a unique and important aspect of the RightMed test because it helps people get a better understanding of what their results mean for them.

  5. You can use your HSA to pay for it.
    If you have a health savings account (HSA), you can use funds from it to pay for the RightMed test. Regardless of whether you purchase the RightMed test online from OneOme or if your doctor orders it for you, the RightMed test can be paid for with your HSA.

  6. You can buy it as a gift.
    Do you know someone who’s struggled to find a medication that works for them? Or maybe you have a friend or family member that is interested in learning as much about their genetics as possible? Good news; when you buy the RightMed test online through OneOme, you can now purchase it for someone else. Share the gift of personalized medications by buying the RightMed test for a friend or family member.

To purchase a RightMed medication response test or to learn more about what’s included, visit If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at or 844-663-6635.

*Genetic consults are only included when you purchase the RightMed test online through OneOme’s provider network program. You can purchase the test at Genetic consults for patients are not included when the patient’s doctor orders the test for them.

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