ABC 6, a Rochester, Minnesota TV station, visited Mayo Clinic’s recent Individualizing Medicine Conference to learn about pharmacogenetic testing and how doctors are using OneOme’s RightMed® test to guide their prescription decisions.

Featured in the news segment, Dr. Richard Weinshilboum, co-founder of OneOme and Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Mayo Clinic, says, “Drugs today are very powerful. They can do great good, but that means they can also do great harm. Your genome, the DNA that your mom and dad gave you, can determine how you will respond to those drugs.”

Watch the news segment to see how pharmacogenetic testing can uncover insights into a patient’s predicted response to medications, and how doctors can use these insights to prescribe medications that may be more effective with fewer side effects.

The RightMed test covers hundreds of medications used to treat many medical conditions, including depression, anxiety, pain, nausea/vomiting, cardiovascular disease, and more. If you’re a healthcare provider interested in offering the test to your patients, visit our provider page. If you’re a patient interested in getting the test for yourself, visit our patient page to learn more or get your test by clicking the button below.

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