OneOme recently began a partnership with Mind Shift, a Minnesota-based organization that helps individuals on the autism spectrum find meaningful employment. In addition to job placement, Mind Shift offers training in soft skills and communication techniques to help their specialists achieve success in their workplaces.


My personal experience with Mind Shift goes back to my days working at Anthem. Back in 2017, our healthcare analytics team brought on 3 specialists from Mind Shift to help with data integrity. We quickly ramped up to having 6 specialists on the team. It also became abundantly clear that they were capable of more than data entry and database clean-up. Over time, their roles shifted, and our Mind Shift specialists helped automate data cleansing and developed and documented processes and procedures related to database maintenance. Not only did we work closely with the Mind Shift specialists, but also enjoyed outings and celebrations as a team.

When I joined OneOme, I saw that we had an opportunity to partner with Mind Shift again. Individuals on the autism spectrum have unique perspectives and gifts that they bring to the workplace, and there was a definite fit between these gifts and our staffing needs. To date, two part-time specialists have joined the OneOme team. Chris is helping our client services team with order fulfillment and logistics, while Michael is providing general administrative support to the office. In the short time Chris and Michael have been at OneOme, they’ve already provided great value to the team; we are very fortunate to have them with us.

Like at Anthem, our Mind Shift specialists have been welcomed as members of the OneOme team. In a recent Lunch and Learn session, JoLynn Larson and Joy Kieffer from Mind Shift shared information about the specialist onboarding process, communication styles, and how to successfully interact with our Mind Shift specialists. We also learned from each other that a number of us at OneOme - myself included - have friends or family on the autism spectrum, which makes our partnership that much more meaningful for the team.

Tanya Rylee
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