Bronwyn Hartung, Laboratory Director at OneOme
Bronwyn Hartung, Laboratory Director at OneOme

Meet Dr. Bronwyn Hartung, Laboratory Director at OneOme. Bronwyn is responsible for overseeing OneOme’s laboratory and driving continuous quality improvements in laboratory operations. As part of her role, she reviews and signs off on every single patient report. Bronwyn also collaborates closely with the clinical development and software development teams and contributes to global consortia and committees responsible for setting pharmacogenomics (PGx) standards and guidelines, including CPIC and PharmVar.

Bronwyn is proud of the clinical rigor behind the RightMed Test, knowing that providers are receiving PGx information curated against the highest standards of evidence. She’s inspired by the knowledge that every report represents an opportunity to provide useful information to providers. In her words, “Occasionally, patients tell us precisely how our work helped doctors bring them or a close family member long-sought relief. For each of those inspiring stories we hear, I know there are many more we don’t hear about, and that knowledge—that our efforts really are helping providers change lives—drives me every day.”

A self-identified “nerd” at heart, Bronwyn finds her work in PGx fun. She loves complex, challenging genes like CYP2D6 and is delighted that OneOme reliably solves this puzzle through what she describes as an exquisitely designed assay and translation system.

Beyond her passion for PGx, Bronwyn loves science fiction, fiber arts, Taekwondo, and CrossFit. She grew up in Saudi Arabia, meaning that people who ask her where she’s from often receive a pretty complicated answer.

About OneOme

OneOme, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is working to make comprehensive, evidence-based pharmacogenomic testing and tools accessible to providers and patients across the globe.