Ben Metzger, Software Developer at OneOme
Ben Metzger, Software Developer at OneOme

Meet Ben Metzger, software developer at OneOme. In his role, Ben is responsible for leading the development of both OneOme’s internal lab management system and VantageTM clinical decision support tool, as well as supporting other software development efforts. He divides his time between platform maintenance and prioritization and development of new features.

Ben collaborates closely with multiple teams at OneOme, providing software support for the lab team and working with the business development and commercial operations teams to address client requests and needs. He is excited by the potential for pharmacogenomics to help people and their doctors better understand their health and is impressed by the diversity of knowledge at OneOme. As he says, “The amount of knowledge needed to address all the moving parts that make up OneOme’s RightMed Test and ancillary tools is astounding.”

Beyond his software development expertise, Ben is an accomplished musician. He moved to Minneapolis for the music scene and has both toured and played at a number of local venues. Ben is also a bicyclist and enjoys taking long bike-packing trips every few years - most recently, he biked through the Canadian Rockies.

About OneOme

OneOme, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is working to make comprehensive, evidence-based pharmacogenomic testing and tools accessible to providers and patients across the globe.