Wrenda Teeple, PharmD, OneOme Clinical Development Pharmacist
Wrenda Teeple, PharmD, clinical development pharmacist, at OneOme

Meet Wrenda Teeple, clinical development pharmacist at OneOme. Wrenda works as part of the clinical development team, which evaluates pharmacogenomic research and creates the clinical content behind the RightMed Solution. She also applies her pharmacy training by offering clinical consults to help ordering providers interpret their patients’ pharmacogenomic (PGx) test results. Part of what she hopes to convey when consulting with providers is the rigor and mindfulness that go into the development of the RightMed Test.

Pharmacy is a passion for Wrenda. She believes pharmacists are well positioned to bridge the PGx knowledge gap and make it a practical tool for use in routine patient care. In her words, “Pharmacists are experienced in providing medication information directly to patients, making recommendations to providers, and using pharmacological principles that are critical to the integration of PGx in practice.”

An accomplished researcher, presenter, and educator, Wrenda sees her work as an opportunity to improve patient care. she is particularly interested in how PGx can be used to facilitate better care for minority and other underserved populations around the world. This year she co-presented posters on prevalence of pharmacogenomic variants in minority populations and on reporting multi-gene pharmacogenomic results for specific medications.

Outside of work, Wrenda works more. In addition to her contributions to OneOme, she is a senior regulatory affairs specialist at Arbit Consulting, an adjunct professor at St. Catherine University, and a clinical pharmacist at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Wrenda also enjoys cooking, spending time with friends and family, and experiencing the world through travel. She maintains a list of places she wants to visit and uses it to inform her travel plans when she has a break in her work schedule.

About OneOme

OneOme, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is working to make comprehensive, evidence-based pharmacogenomic testing and tools accessible to providers and patients across the globe.