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Medication personalization testing may help your employee's doctors in selecting medications for your employee

Why offer medication personalization testing to employees?

Prescription drugs can be highly effective at treating the ailments they’re designed to treat. When an employee is prescribed a new medication, you expect to incur a cost, but you also expect a meaningful return on your health benefit investment.

Less expected are the additional costs that could result, including the multiple prescriptions the employee may need to try before the best medication and dosage is identified, or any costs associated with treating side effects or adverse drug reactions (ADRs) caused by the new medication.

OneOme’s RightMed® test, co-developed with Mayo Clinic, is a medication personalization test that analyzes your employee's DNA to help doctors in selecting medications for your employee. This has the potential to help reduce medication trial and error, which may save your organization money.

Did you know that:

Nearly one-third of adults in the United States take five or more medications,1 but up to half of certain medications don’t work as intended?2

Why the RightMed test?

An individual’s genes can have an effect on how their body and certain medications may interact. The RightMed test results may help doctors make more informed medication decisions for your employee and help decrease medication trial and error.

The RightMed test covers many commonly prescribed medications, including medications used to treat depression, anxiety, heartburn, heart failure, pain, cancer, and more.

Did you know that:

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) cost $136 billion annually and are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States?3

OneOme employer program

OneOme’s RightMed test and employer program is an innovative solution for employers looking for new ways to manage pharmacy costs and enhance employee benefits.

With OneOme’s employer program, employees get:

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A RightMed test, reviewed and ordered by a physician from an independent network (if appropriate)

DNA sample kit

A DNA sample kit shipped to their home for free

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A consult with a genetic counselor to discuss their results

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A copy of their test results to share with their doctors to incorporate into their care

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The RightMed test has the potential to help:

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Doctors identify medications for individuals

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Doctors reduce medication trial and error

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Patients with depression, anxiety, cancer, pain, and more

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Improve medical compliance

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Reduce pharmacy and medical costs

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Lead to more present and productive employees

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Contact us to learn how medication personalization testing may reduce employee benefit costs and enhance your employee benefits program.

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This test is not right for everyone. Consult your doctor to see if this test is right for you.