Josiah Allen, Director of Medical Affairs, will be presenting in the Personalized Medical Device and Care session on Thursday, April 13, 10:15 - 11:45 as part of the Design of Medical Devices Conference being held at the Commons Hotel & McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, MN on April 11 - 13, 2017.

Session abstract
In this session, a broad spectrum of innovative technologies and methodologies ranging from therapeutic and diagnostic devices to data analytics software to patient outcome registries will be presented by experts from both industry and healthcare provider. The speakers will share their experience in supporting personalized decision making on providing optimal care to each individual patient in a continuum of care settings.

Optimizing medication response through genomics: Clinical utility and economic benefit of pharmacogenomic clinical decision support

Josiah Allen, Director Medical Affairs, OneOme

Over 4 billion prescriptions are written each year,1 with mixed success. Efficacy rates can be as low as 25%,2 and adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the US.3 Pharmacogenomics, the study of genetic predictors of medication response, offers the ability to personalize medication selection to the unique physiologic characteristics of each individual. This presentation will include a brief introduction to the science of pharmacogenomics, a summary of the evidence of its clinical utility and economic benefit, and a description of the current state of clinical implementation.

  1. IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics
  2. Spear BB, Heath-Chiozzi M, Huff J: Clinical application of pharmacogenetics. Trends Mol. Med.7, 201–204 (2001).

About the speaker
For over 8 years Josiah Allen has been involved in various roles in the field of personalized medicine, including clinical research, product development, and clinical adoption and implementation. He is an author of over a dozen peer-reviewed publications in pharmacogenomics and has lectured extensively on clinical applications of pharmacogenomics to audiences of researchers, clinicians, and patients. Prior to joining OneOme, Josiah was employed for several years in the Mayo Clinic Department of Psychiatry and in the Center for Individualized Medicine. He was one of the founding members of Assurex Health, a psychiatric pharmacogenomics company. He received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Wheaton College and completed additional graduate work in molecular genetics and pharmacology at the University of Cincinnati.