Patient resources

Use the resources below to learn how a medication response test may benefit you, learn how to get a test, and watch a quick video on how to collect your sample after your doctor orders the test for you.

RightMed test patient resources

  • Patient Toolkit

    Patient Toolkit

    Get information for you and your doctor about the RightMed test, including its benefits, the medications and medical conditions covered, and details on how to get a test.

  • Request a Test

    Request Form

    Submit a form to request a RightMed test. An independent physician will review your request to determine if the test is right for you and if approved, order your test.


How the RightMed test works

How to take your sample

Patient stories

Data privacy and security information

"Here at OneOme, the privacy and security of your genetic information is our top priority. Genetic tests have great potential to improve your health. We aim to provide a solution to help your physician prescribe safer and more effective medications without you having to worry about your privacy and security."

Paul Owen, CEO

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Patient FAQs

Have a question? Read our answers to commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, reach out to our customer support team at or 844-663-6635.