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Learn which medications may work — before you take them

Did you know there’s a simple test that can help predict how you may respond to many medications before you take them?

The RightMed® test, co-developed with Mayo Clinic, is a medication response test that analyzes your DNA to predict how you may respond to hundreds of medications.

Your RightMed test results can help your doctors identify which medications may — or may not — work best for you. And since your DNA doesn’t change, your results can be used for years to come. This could lead to a future of more effective prescriptions, fewer side effects, and reduced trial and error to find the right medication.

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You’ll receive:

  • a review of your order and test results by an independent physician
  • a DNA sample kit shipped for free to your home
  • a 30-minute consult with a genetic counselor to review your results
  • a copy of your RightMed test results to share with your doctors

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Genetic testing results can be complex. Consult with your healthcare provider when considering this test. Learn more >

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How will you respond to a medication?

Your DNA can have a major influence on how you process medications. In fact, genetic factors can account for up to 95% of how you respond to medications.1

The RightMed test analyzes your DNA to predict how you may respond to HUNDREDS OF MEDICATIONS for MANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS, including depression, anxiety, cancer, heart disease, and more.

Watch the video to learn more about the about the RightMed test.

What's included

You’ll receive the RightMed test plus the services detailed below:

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A DNA sample test kit shipped for free to your home, with prepaid return shipping.

icon provider

A review of your order by a physician from an independent provider network.

icon comprehensive test report

Your RightMed comprehensive test report, covering hundreds of medications, which may help guide your doctors' medication decisions for years to come.

icon genetic counselor

A phone or video consultation, scheduled at your convenience, with a board-certified genetic counselor to review your results and answer any questions.

How it works

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1. Buy your test

Fill out this form and pay by credit card, HSA card, or PayPal.

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2. Collect your sample

Once the kit is shipped to you, perform a simple cheek swab. Activate your kit online, then mail it back. An independent physician will review your information and, if appropriate, order your test.

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3. Schedule a consult

Once your results are ready, schedule a phone consult with a board-certified genetic counselor to receive and discuss your results.

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4. Share with your doctors

Share your RightMed test report with your doctors so they can use it as part of your care, both now and in the future.

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“I have peace of mind knowing that the RightMed test helped my doctors find a better treatment option to prevent my cancer from coming back."



“I would not be here today without that test. I have now survived another heart procedure with medications guided by my results.”


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