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Product overview

OneOme’s primary product offering is the RightMed® comprehensive test, a medication response test (also known as a pharmacogenomic test) that predicts how an individual may respond to medications, based on his or her DNA. The results may help providers make more informed, evidence-based prescription decisions and reduce medication trial and error.

With the RightMed test, providers, pharmacists, and clinical support staff get access to the RightMed Advisor (an online, interactive tool which gives providers additional insights into their patients’ results), several types of reports, and consultations with OneOme’s clinical team.

OneOme also offers its RightMed clinical decision support tool for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration, as well as single gene tests.

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The RightMed comprehensive test

The RightMed comprehensive test is a medication response test that analyzes a patient’s DNA to determine how he or she may respond to certain medications. The test covers hundreds of medications for a wide range of medical conditions, including cancer, psychiatric conditions, chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, and more. It analyzes a large set of genes that have been shown, based on OneOme’s rigorous research* and standards for inclusion, to affect how a patient metabolizes many commonly prescribed medications.

Additionally available for providers

With the RightMed test, providers, pharmacists, and clinical support staff get access to the RightMed Advisor, RightMed reports, and a clinical decision support tool that is available as an add-on:

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RightMed Advisor

The RightMed Advisor is an interactive tool that helps make pharmacogenomic test results clinically actionable. With the RightMed Advisor, providers, pharmacists, and clinical support staff can quickly and easily interpret test results, access OneOme’s expertly curated pharmacogenomic database, view pharmacogenomic clinical guidelines, evaluate drug-to-drug interactions, explore alternative medications, generate custom reports, and more.

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RightMed Reports

When providers order the RightMed test, they receive the comprehensive test report, which includes their patients’ pharmacogenomic results for all medications covered by the test. In addition to this report, providers get access to several other types of reports. These include the RightMed Advisor reports, which are customized by the provider to include medications that are most relevant to the patient, as well as RightMed specialty reports, which contain a subset of medications most relevant for a specific medical specialty.

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RightMed clinical decision support tool

Available as an add-on to the RightMed test is OneOme’s cloud-hosted platform that integrates test results into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). The tool provides real-time, clinically actionable prescription decision support.

If you are interested in learning more about this tool and pricing options, please CONTACT US.

* Data on file
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Single gene tests

Providers can place an order for a specific, single gene. Unlike the RightMed comprehensive test, the single gene test results are provided in an analytical report only, and do not include medication classification or clinical guidelines.

Single gene tests are currently available for:

CYP2C19 >



UGT1A1 >

NOTE: All single genes are included with the RightMed comprehensive test except for MTHFR. While MTHFR is not automatically included with a RightMed test order, it is available for providers to order as an optional and complimentary add-on. MTHFR is not available to patients who purchase the test online directly from OneOme.

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This test is not right for everyone. Consult your doctor to see if this test is right for you.