Improve the effectiveness
of your medications

Improve the effectiveness of your medications

Get the right medications for depression, anxiety, and more

Do you or a loved one struggle with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues? Are you having trouble finding medication that works?

You’re not alone. In fact, 50% of patients with depression do not respond to their first treatment.1 Finding the right medication can often be a process of trial and error, which costs valuable time and money and often causes side effects.

Now there’s a solution to help your doctor get your medications right the first time. OneOme, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, created the RightMed® test to help determine which medications and dosages may work best for you, based on your DNA. REQUEST A RIGHTMED TEST TODAY or DOWNLOAD OUR PATIENT TOOLKIT to learn more.

Get a RightMed test

For $349, you'll receive:

  • a review of your test request and test results by an independent physician
  • a DNA sample test kit shipped to your home
  • a 30-minute consult with a genetic counselor to review your results
  • a copy of your RightMed test results to share with your doctors

Request a test and take control of your health.

Eligibility restrictions may apply
Genetic testing results can be complex. Consult with your healthcare provider when considering this test.

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How will you respond to a medication?

Simple, easy, and credible, a RightMed test may provide a lifetime of more accurate, personalized prescriptions for you.

How? Since genetic factors can account for up to 95% of how you respond to your medications,2 the RightMed medication response test analyzes your DNA to determine how you are likely to respond to hundreds of medications. This information helps your doctors learn which medications may be the most effective for you, and which to avoid. This insight may help increase the effectiveness of your medications, reduce side effects, and save time and money.

Download our patient toolkit to learn more about how the RightMed test can help you.

Who should take the OneOme RightMed test?

While OneOme can help with prescription decisions for
everyone, it’s particularly meaningful for patients with:

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    Unwelcome side
    effects from

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    medications that
    are not working

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    new medications

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How it works
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    1. Request a test

    Fill out a request form.

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    2. Request reviewed

    An independent physician will review your request and evaluate whether the test is right for you.

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    3. Pay for the test

    Pay $349 by credit card or HSA, if your test is approved.

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    4. Collect your sample

    Perform a simple cheek swab using the DNA sample collection kit sent to you. Then mail it back with the postage paid return label.

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    5. Schedule a consult

    Once your results are ready, schedule a phone consult with a board-certified genetic counselor to receive and discuss your results.

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    6. Share with your doctors

    Share your RightMed test report with your doctors so they can use it as part of your care, both now and in the future.

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What you should know before considering the RightMed PGx test or any genetic test:
     • Talk to your healthcare practitioner about whether the RightMed test might provide useful information about your health.
     • Make sure you understand the benefits and limits of any test before ordering.
     • Please review our Privacy Policy to understand how your information is collected, used, and shared with your practitioners.
The interpretations and clinical annotations provided by OneOme are intended solely for use by a medical professional and do not constitute medical advice by OneOme. Information provided is based upon scientific and clinical literature known and available today.