The RightMed® test for psychiatry

Aiming to improve the safety and efficacy of medications for psychiatric patients

Prescribing psychiatric medications for patients can be a complex and challenging trial-and-error process. Certain medications and dosages may work well for some patients, but not work at all or cause adverse drug reactions in others.

The OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic (PGx) solution may help you find the right medications for your patients faster. Our RightMed comprehensive test analyzes your patient's DNA to determine which medications, across a variety of medical conditions, may work best for him or her. The RightMed psychiatry report, included with the test, focuses on medications used to treat mental health conditions, giving you valuable information to help guide medication decisions.

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The OneOme RightMed test for psychiatry

OneOme offers the RightMed comprehensive test with the option of adding on a complementary psychiatry report.


The RightMed comprehensive test covers hundreds of medications across a broad range of conditions, including medications for psychiatric conditions, cardiovascular disease, sleep, pain, and more.

OneOme’s comprehensive test may benefit psychiatrists as well as providers offering holistic care or treating patients with complex cases, comorbidities, or multiple medications. It is also used by providers who would like to give their patients information that can be used for years to come in future treatments.

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The RightMed psychiatry speciality report includes only those medications related to psychiatry, selected and classified by OneOme, including antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, and other relevant medications. The psychiatry report gives providers a more streamlined and consolidated view of medications relevant to patients with mental health disorders. The psychiatric report is available for all ordered test at no additional charge.

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The RightMed Advisor makes interpreting results easy and actionable

The RightMed test includes access to the ONEOME RIGHTMED® ADVISOR, an online, interactive tool that saves providers time and makes test results actionable by giving providers quick and easy access to detailed information relevant to the patient’s treatment.

With the RightMed Advisor, providers can make more educated prescription decisions by accessing clinical guidelines to help with dosing, reviewing drug-to-drug-interactions, creating custom reports to hone in on the most relevant medications, and viewing curated alternative medications for the patient.

The RightMed toolkit for providers

Get your copy of OneOme’s Provider toolkit to access the information you need to get started with the RightMed test, including a drug list and a test requisition form to use in placing your first RightMed test order.

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This test is not right for everyone. Consult your doctor to see if this test is right for you.

Limitations of the RightMed test
The RightMed tests cover many genes and hundreds of medications with clinical evidence supporting the gene-drug interaction. The RightMed test does not cover all psychiatric conditions or medications.