Alliance Healthcare Netherlands and OneOme bring personalized medication closer.

RightMed® pharmacogenomic test helps with better supervision on side effects of medication and becomes accessible to more and more consumers and patients.

Veghel / Minneapolis, January 2023 - Alliance Healthcare Netherlands has extended its contract with OneOme for the RightMed® pharmacogenomic test by three years. The test is available at more than 100 Alphega and Boots pharmacies, online at and at selected pharmacy locations in the Netherlands.

Research result: 14% of medication adjusted
Research, based on an analysis of 611 tests performed by Dutch Alphega and Boots pharmacies, showed that 14.0% of patients who had the RightMed® pharmacogenomic (PGx) test performed had their medication adjusted in consultation with their pharmacist and doctor. 17.8% of test participants were advised to avoid certain medications (based on their current medication use). A preventive analysis of the patients studied showed that the majority (99.2%) had genetic variants with known pharmacogenetic implications that could serve as a basis for future prescribing decisions[1].

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how DNA can influence individual response to certain drugs. PGx tests analyses a patient's DNA to provide doctors and pharmacists with information that may help them review and/or optimize medication choices for that patient, reduce trial and error in the prescribing process, lower potential healthcare costs, and reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions.

Based on the DNA analysis of the RightMed® comprehensive PGx test, a clinician can see how quickly the patient's body breaks down certain drugs. Over 300 medications have PGx information in their FDA (Food and Drug Administration) labeling. PGx is a tool that clinicians can use to aid in their therapeutic decision strategy. It can help select the medication and dosing to optimize the prescription with the genetic profile. It may also help the provider in assessing the likelihood of benefit or toxicity. Not all medications have PGx implications, and some patients may be excluded for testing such as those that have had a liver or bone marrow transplant. PGx has been shown to have clinical utility in therapeutic areas such as: Mental Health (depression and anxiety), Oncology (chemotoxicity and supportive care), Cardiology, Pain Management and Polypharmacy.

How does it work?
Performing the RightMed® comprehensive PGx test is simple - a painless DNA sample is collected through a cheek swab. In the Netherlands, this is preferably done in a pharmacy to ensure the quality and consistency of the test. However, in the United States, the test kit can be sent directly to a patient for home collection and return shipping to the lab. After about two weeks, the clinician receives results and can make suggested changes to the medication with the patient.

Benefits of pharmacogenomic test
Using PGx testing to support a personalized medicine approach may help improve patient safety and lead to better patient outcomes. Not only can pharmacogenomics provide clinical benefits, but it has also been shown that it can have a possible positive impact on healthcare costs.

In the Netherlands, a recent estimate of the impact of preventive pharmacogenetic testing of a group of 45 drugs showed that 23.6% of all new prescriptions were linked to a useful gene-drug interaction[2].

"The OneOme team is excited about the renewed collaboration with Alliance Healthcare Netherlands. This is an organization committed to delivering exceptional patient care nationwide. We are excited about working with pharmacists to provide medication optimization through pharmacogenomic insights," said James Kelley, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at OneOme.

Kalman Petro, Managing Director, Alliance Healthcare said, "We are constantly innovating pharmaceutical healthcare. The community pharmacist is a personal and approachable healthcare provider, always located close to the patient. As far as I am concerned, this position in the healthcare chain, makes the community pharmacy the best address for pharmaceutical care, lifestyle advice and pre-diagnostic services such as the pharmacogenetic test."

RightMed® test
OneOme's RightMed® comprehensive test and report currently provide insight into 27 genes for 300 different drugs, giving pharmacists and doctors valuable genetic information they may use to review and where appropriate optimize and personalize medication choices for their patients.


About Alliance Healthcare
Alliance Healthcare Netherlands is part of Amerisource Bergen, the second largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the world. Alliance Healthcare distributes medicines daily to hospitals, community pharmacies and patients at home. We are united in our responsibility to create a healthier future. Together with more than 1,800 employees in the Netherlands, we have the ambition to be the preferred sustainable "plant-to-patient" partner that contributes daily to improving the health of more than 5 million patients. Whether through our pre-wholesale activities (Alloga), dispensing medication on a roll (SPITS) or supporting patients at home (Alcura). We support patients through our pharmacy network that includes more than 200 pharmacies. This network consists of our own Boots pharmacies, our Alphega franchisees and independent pharmacies.

Alliance Healthcare Netherlands is a company that delivers services across the pharmaceutical care chain from manufacturer to consumer. This unique position enables Alliance Healthcare to integrate the different needs of stakeholders within the chain to come up with innovative solutions. The health and well-being of customers is the connecting factor for the companies. By entering into strategic partnerships, Alliance Healthcare ensures quality of care and optimal customer support. Cooperation is the key to success.

About Alphega pharmacy
Alphega pharmacy is a leading European pharmacy network with more than 6,800 independent pharmacies in 10 countries in Europe. Alphega pharmacy provides pharmacists with a wide range of services to support patients and healthcare providers in providing optimal patient care.

About Boots pharmacy
Boots pharmacy is part of a global network of 3,989 pharmacies. In the Netherlands, Boots has 57 pharmacies. The chain offers a wide range of self-care and dermocosmetic products under its own brand and from well-known A-brands. Boots pharmacy also has a fast-growing online shop and offers various healthcare services.

About OneOme
OneOme is a market leader in precision medicine, providing pharmacogenetic solutions, population-level analyses and clinical decision support solutions. Through its services, OneOme aims to impact patient safety, reduce the overall cost of care, and improve patients' health outcomes.

OneOme was co-founded by the Mayo Clinic. From its headquarters in Minneapolis, OneOme offers its services to clients around the world.

By using the proven research and science of pharmacogenomics, the company is making a positive, noticeable difference in patients' lives and works closely with its healthcare partners to realize these benefits across the healthcare system. For more information, visit

[1] Publication: International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021

[2] Publication: International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021