Sample requirements

OneOme's tests, including the RightMed® Test, are performed using genomic DNA that has been extracted and purified prior to downstream analysis with polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

OneOme currently accepts the following specimen types:

Buccal (cheek swab)

Specimen requirements (blood)

Specimen type: Whole blood.
Container: Lavender top (EDTA).
Minimum volume: 1 mL.
Collection: Send specimen in original tube. Fasting not required.
Labeling: Specimen tube must be labeled with collection date and two unique patient identifiers.
Recommended shipping / transport: Refrigerated.
Stability: Stable 3 weeks under refrigeration.

Specimen requirements (buccal)

Specimen type: Buccal (cheek) swab.
Container: DNA Genotek ORAcollect Dx (OCD-100).
Collection: Follow enclosed kit instructions or review a SHORT VIDEO PRESENTATION. Send specimen in original tube.
Labeling: Specimen tube must be labeled with collection date and two unique patient identifiers for kits not provided by OneOme. OneOme provided kits are pre-labeled. Do not obstruct original tube label.
Shipping / transport: Ambient.
Stability: Stable for 60 days at room temperature.

Kit supplies:

To make it as easy as possible to collect samples in your office, we can send you kits to use for buccal sample collections. Please CONTACT US to learn more about this option.

Kit activation:

OneOme-supplied buccal collection kits must be activated prior to returning the sample to OneOme. The activation step will link the pre-labeled barcode to the test order upon confirmation that two unique identifiers including the patient name and date of birth match the original order. The sample collection date is also provided to OneOme during the kit activation process.

Shipping and transport

We encourage that blood or buccal samples are returned to OneOme as soon as they are collected. OneOme provides pre-printed return shipping labels for collection kits shipped directly to US-patients. Samples should be returned in accordance with the kit instructions provided. For all other kit types and specimen types (including blood), providers may return multiple samples together in accordance with the FedEx Packaging Guidelines for Clinical Samples. Please contact us to obtain our FedEx account number.

Shipping address:
807 Broadway St NE, Ste 100
Minneapolis, MN 55413

OneOme follows the FedEx Holiday Service Schedule and otherwise accepts packages Monday through Friday. Please do not request Saturday delivery.

Additional guidelines for international shipments

In order to clear customs you will need the following paperwork:
● 3 copies of a Commercial Invoice; an example invoice may be found here: commercial invoice.
● You will also need a customs declaration form; samples of this form are available here: customs declaration.

Additional information about sample requirements can be made available upon request.

  • The RightMed Test must be ordered by a physician.
  • The RightMed Test, as with all genomic testing, has limitations. Always discuss the test with a healthcare provider knowledgeable about the test and to see if it's right for you.
  • RightMed Test results are not a substitute for medical advice and should only be used in consultation with a medical professional.
  • The RightMed Test does not determine the best medication for the patient; it is a tool to provide additional information to the patient’s healthcare provider. The healthcare provider should take other factors into consideration regardless of genotype.
  • Independent healthcare providers available through OneOme's service will not have all of your health history, which may cause the test results to be subject to a different interpretation than by your personal physician.