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The RightMed test, co-developed with Mayo Clinic, analyzes your DNA to help your provider in selecting medications for you.

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Did you know that your DNA can play a role in how your body and certain medications may interact?

OneOme and Mayo Clinic co-developed the RightMed test, a genetic test for medications (also known as a pharmacogenomic test) that analyzes your DNA to help your doctors make more informed medication decisions for you.

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Ask your doctor to see if the RightMed test may be right for you.

The RightMed test covers:

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How it works

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We ship you a RightMed test kit. You swab your cheek and send the kit back. An independent provider reviews your information and, if appropriate, orders the test. You get a consult to discuss your results. You share your results with your doctor.

The RightMed test helps people like you


“It’s a relief to be able to point to my RightMed results and say, ‘before you prescribe a new medication, please take a look at this.’”

- Rachael


“My daughter’s doctor used her RightMed test results to help in selecting a medication for her, and finally, here she was telling me that she was feeling better and that the thoughts of suicide were greatly diminished."

- Emma's mother, Susan


“I have peace of mind knowing that the RightMed test helped my doctors find a better cancer treatment for me."

- Stacey

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Want to offer the RightMed test to your patients or employees?

The RightMed test can help:

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Get insights to help you optimize medication selection for individual patients. When you order the RightMed test for a patient, you'll get their test report plus additional tools, report options, and clinical consultations.
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Pharmacists are uniquely qualified to help patients and healthcare teams utilize pharmacogenomics by offering the RightMed test as a clinical service. Available with the test are the RightMed test report, tools, and services.
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The RightMed test, which provides your employee's doctors with information to help them optimize medication selection for your employee, may help reduce your healthcare spend.
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