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Genetic factors can account for up to 95% of drug-response variability and susceptibility.3 In other words, how a drug will—or won't—work for a particular individual. Our RightMed® test brings pharmacogenomics to everyone, identifying how a patient's DNA and current medications may affect their response to drugs. OneOme: making prescriptions personal.

The OneOme RightMed solution is:


RIGOROUS: Characterized by scientific and clinical data4,5


COMPREHENSIVE: Covers hundreds of medications for many medical conditions


INTERACTIVE: Includes the RightMed Advisor, an online clinical decision support tool for providers, which offers custom report options


CREDIBLE: Co-developed and exclusively licensed with Mayo Clinic


ACCESSIBLE: Provided at a low-cost with multiple billing options available


SUPPORTIVE: Offers complementary consultations with clinical pharamcists, in addition to customer support

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Cost-effective, comprehensive, personalized pharmacogenomic analysis — integrated into patients' everyday clinical care.
OneOme helps healthcare providers choose the optimal drug therapy the first time, thanks to targeted and evidence-based inputs using each patient's DNA and current prescriptions.

While OneOme can help with any prescription decision, it's particularly meaningful for patients with:

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The physician-ordered OneOme RightMed comprehensive test identifies which prescription drugs are—or aren’t—likely to work based on your genetic makeup and current prescription interactions. OneOme generates a clear, actionable report to help your physicians to personalize your prescriptions.

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“Before OneOme, only those with deep financial resources or the critically ill could access the power of pharmacogenomics. Today, patients at Ridgeview can receive personalized prescription insights that previously were inaccessible to them. Not only will our patients see better health outcomes – they are also avoiding life-threatening adverse drug reactions, which are the fourth leading cause of death.”

- Bob Stevens, President and CEO of Ridgeview Medical Center


Precision medicine. Informed care.

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