Hennepin Healthcare contracts with OneOme® to offer RightMed® PGx (Pharmacogenomic) test as part of personalized medication program

Minneapolis, MN | OneOme, a leading pharmacogenomic and precision medicine company, has signed a contract with Hennepin Healthcare to provide pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing to patients. PGx testing and results helps prevent adverse drug events and improve patient outcomes with the use of medications best suited to a patient’s genetic makeup and has a high applicability to pain management, cardiology, oncology, and mental/behavioral health.

Over 5 billion prescriptions are filled each year.[1] However, not all drugs are effective for all people. In fact, response rates for many drugs are only 50-75%.[2] One of the factors that can help explain this variability is an individual patient's DNA, which may affect drug metabolism (pharmacokinetics), mechanism of action (pharmacodynamics), and drug toxicity.

James Kelley, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at OneOme, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Hennepin Healthcare to bring access, awareness and education for PGx to both patients and providers. Using OneOme’s RightMed® Test, Hennepin Healthcare can enhance precision health care for their patients.”

OneOme, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is Minnesota-based precision medicine company that provides innovative pharmacogenomics solutions to help improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. Pharmacogenomics helps determine which medications are most effective for a patient based on their unique DNA. OneOme offers lab testing, population management analytics, patient engagement, and clinical decision support solutions. For more information, visit oneome.com.

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