OneOme And Walgreens Boots Alliance Subsidiary Alliance Healthcare Partner To Bring Personalized Prescriptions To The Netherlands

MINNEAPOLIS and 'S-HERTOGENBOSCH, Netherlands, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OneOme today announced a pilot partnership with Alliance Healthcare Netherlands (a wholly owned subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance) that will bring pharmacogenomic testing to selected Boots and Alphega Pharmacy locations throughout the Netherlands.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how DNA may affect individual response to medications. PGx testing analyzes a patient's DNA to give doctors and pharmacists information that may help them optimize medication selection for that patient, reduce trial and error in the prescribing process, potential healthcare costs and decrease the likelihood of adverse drug reactions.

"The OneOme team is thrilled to be partnering with Alliance Healthcare Netherlands. This is an organization that is committed to delivering exceptional patient care. We are excited to work with the pharmacists at pilot locations to provide medication optimization through pharmacogenomic insights," said Morgan Donaldson, Director of International Business Development for OneOme.

As part of the initial pilot, pharmacists at 18 Boots and Alphega Pharmacy locations in the Netherlands will be able to order OneOme's RightMed® comprehensive test* for their patients. Patients will be able to give their DNA sample in the pharmacy with a cheek swab. When the pharmacists get the patient's results, they will schedule a consultation with the patient, as well as reach out to the patient's general practitioner to discuss the results and how they may be relevant to the patient's medications.

The pilot phase of the partnership is intended to evaluate the feasibility of offering PGx testing in all Boots and Alphega retail pharmacy locations in the Netherlands, as well as to understand the impact on patient care. Manuel Voll, Director Alphega Pharmacies in the Netherlands, noted, "We look forward to working with OneOme to ensure a successful implementation and to capture important insights about how patients and pharmacies can benefit from the RightMed test."

OneOme's RightMed comprehensive test and report provide insights on 27 genes for 300 different medications, giving pharmacists and doctors valuable genetic information they can use to help optimize medication selection for their patients.

About Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare Netherlands is a versatile company in the entire pharmaceutical care chain from producer to consumer. This unique position enables Alliance Healthcare to integrate the various needs of stakeholders within the chain and thus arrive at innovative solutions. The health and well-being of customers is the companies connecting factor. By forming strategic partnerships, Alliance Healthcare guarantees the quality of the care and the optimal support of the customer. Cooperation is the companies key to success.

Internationally leading brand Alliance Healthcare Nederland is part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. Walgreens Boots Alliance is present in more than 25** countries, employs more than 440,000 people and has more than 18,750 stores. The wholesale division supplies more than 115,000** pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals from 300 distribution centers in 11 countries. Alliance Healthcare is the market leader in Europe.

About Alphega Pharmacy

Alphega Pharmacy is a chain of 132 independent pharmacists in the Netherlands, with a strong focus on healthcare. Alphega Pharmacy is a leading European network of independent pharmacists, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of communities, by providing innovative services for independent community pharmacies. Alphega is present in 10 European countries and comprises approximately 6,800 pharmacies (as of 31 August, 2019). Alphega's pharmacy formula is part of Alliance Healthcare Nederland B.V.

About Boots

Boots Pharmacy is a fully owned pharmacy chain with 59 pharmacies in the Netherlands. Boots operates local and large pharmacies in Schiphol Airport Amsterdam and Utrecht Central Station. Boots is active in fourteen countries around the world and has more than 4,600 pharmacies (as of 31 August 2019). Boots Nederland is part of the International Retail Pharmacy Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, the first global pharmaceutically managed health and welfare company.

About OneOme

OneOme, LLC is a leader in providing evidence-based pharmacogenetic solutions that support personalized prescriptions around the world. Combined with an in-house CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab, OneOme's RightMed test provides comprehensive genetic insights that physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals can use to help make medication decisions for their patients. OneOme is based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. For more information, visit

* OneOme's RightMed comprehensive test is not available in the U.S.

** 12 months for the year ending 31 August 2019, excluding investments according to the Equity method.