How to provide your sample

After your RightMed® test is ordered, your DNA sample will be collected through either a cheek swab sample kit (that can be mailed to your home or used in the healthcare provider facility) or a blood sample taken on-site at the healthcare provider facility.

This short video will demonstrate how to provide your sample using the cheek swab kit mailed to your home.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Prior to taking the sample, wait thirty minutes after eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum.

STEP 1: Take your sample
Remove the collector swab from the package, being sure the sponge tip does not come into contact with any other surface. Place the swab on your lower gums and swab back and forth 10 times. Switch to the other side of your mouth and swab 10 more times. Hold the tube upright, unscrew the blue cap and insert the sponge into the tube, closing tightly. Shake the tube ten times.

STEP 2: Activate your kit
Look for the 14-digit barcode found on the side of the tube, or the outside of the kit box. Activate your kit online at Make a note of the barcode number for your records. Do NOT skip this step. You must activate your kit before shipping it back to OneOme.

STEP 3: Ship your kit
Place your tube into the plastic specimen bag provided. Seal the bag with the adhesive strip. Place the completed sample back into the original box. The return postage has been paid and your package is ready to ship. Ship through FedEx. In a few days, you will receive an email from OneOme confirming that your kit arrived. Find a FedEx location >

NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 may not be necessary if you physician collected your sample in the office/lab. In that case, the physician will activate and ship the kit on your behalf.

  • The RightMed Test must be ordered by a physician.
  • The RightMed Test, as with all genomic testing, has limitations. Always discuss the test with a healthcare provider knowledgeable about the test and to see if it's right for you.
  • RightMed Test results are not a substitute for medical advice and should only be used in consultation with a medical professional.
  • The RightMed Test does not determine the best medication for the patient; it is a tool to provide additional information to the patient’s healthcare provider. The healthcare provider should take other factors into consideration regardless of genotype.
  • Independent healthcare providers available through OneOme's service will not have all of your health history, which may cause the test results to be subject to a different interpretation than by your personal physician.