Walgreens Boots Alliance subsidiary Alliance Healthcare launches pharmacogenomics as an employee benefit, powered by OneOme

The RightMed Test offers Alliance Healthcare employees a path to more personalized prescriptions.

Minneapolis, MN and 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands (November 13 2020) – OneOme, LLC today announced a new agreement with Alliance Healthcare Netherlands (a subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance) to provide pharmacogenomic testing via the RightMed Test to Alliance Healthcare employees and immediate family members. This agreement builds on the pilot program announced last year that brought the RightMed Test to Boots and Alphega Pharmacy locations throughout the Netherlands.

Alliance Healthcare Netherlands decided to start a pilot in order to gain a better understanding of the crucial role that pharmacogenetic tests can play in advising appropriate medication for different conditions. Alliance Healthcare is excited to extend the test, as part of the pilot, to the company's own employees.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how DNA may affect individual response to medications. PGx testing analyzes a patient's DNA to give doctors and pharmacists information that may help them optimize medication selection for that patient, minimize trial and error in the prescribing process, reduce potential healthcare costs and decrease the likelihood of adverse drug reactions.

The first analysis of the test carried out by Dutch Alphega and Boots pharmacies, showed that one in three patients who had the pharmacogenetics test carried out in consultation with the doctor had their medication adjusted.

“We see this as an opportunity to bring the vast benefits of pharmacogenomic testing to our employees, as well as offering a unique and valuable benefit to aid in talent acquisition and retention,” said Manuel Voll, Commercial Director. “We’ve already seen how well we work with OneOme, so they were the obvious choice for this program.”

As part of the program, the RightMed Test will be available to more than 1,500 Netherlands-based Alliance Healthcare employees. Employees will provide a DNA sample using a simple cheek swab, which will be processed in OneOme’s CLIA-regulated lab in Minnesota, United States. Within seven days, they will receive their results via OneOme’s secure portal.

“Alliance Healthcare is a forward-thinking organization, and we are excited to embark on this next step in our relationship with them,” said Patrick McIntyre, CEO at OneOme. “Genomic benefits are the next frontier in employee benefit offerings, and I expect that organizations across the globe will soon follow in Alliance Healthcare’s footsteps."

About OneOme

OneOme offers stakeholders across the healthcare industry high-quality, end-to-end solutions for implementing pharmacogenomics in patient care. Central to OneOme’s portfolio of solutions is the RightMed Test, which analyzes 27 genes to provide valuable information doctors and pharmacists can use in prescribing or medication management. Co-founded by Mayo Clinic, OneOme combines leading-edge laboratory testing with advanced analytics designed to help reduce the total cost of care and improve patient outcomes. OneOme serves customers across the globe from its Minneapolis, MN headquarters. For more information, visit oneome.com.

About Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare Netherlands is a versatile company in the entire pharmaceutical care chain from producer to consumer. This unique position enables Alliance Healthcare to integrate the various needs of stakeholders within the chain and thus arrive at innovative solutions. The health and well-being of customers is the companies connecting factor. By forming strategic partnerships, Alliance Healthcare guarantees the quality of the care and the optimal support of the customer. Cooperation is the companies key to success.

Internationally leading brand Alliance Healthcare Nederland is part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. Walgreens Boots Alliance is present in more than 25* countries, employs more than 450,000 people and has more than 21,000 stores, delivering to more than 250,000** pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals each year in more than 20* countries. Alliance Healthcare is the market leader in Europe.

* As of Aug. 31, 2020, including equity method investments.

**For 12 months ended Aug. 31, 2020, including equity method investments