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Bring pharmacogenomics to your healthcare institution

OneOme’s RightMed® Solution brings hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations a suite of products and services to incorporate evidence-based, clinically useful pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing into patient care. Whether your organization is just starting out with precision medicine or has an existing program, PGx can bring value to your providers and patients. RightMed for healthcare organizations offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Dedicated support
  • Evidence-based information
  • Training and education

The role of PGx in precision medicine

Improve patient outcomes

Over 5 billion prescriptions are filled each year.1 However, not all drugs are effective for all people. In fact, therapeutic response rates for many drugs are only 50-75%.2

As a result, providers are often stuck using trial and error to find a medication and dosages that work well for their patient, which can negatively impact patient outcomes and satisfaction.

PGx testing gives providers and pharmacists insights to help them optimize medication selection based on individual patients' DNA. Adding PGx to your precision medicine program may help providers reduce trial and error, lower the likelihood of adverse drug reactions, and improve patient outcomes.


Why RightMed

The core of the RightMed Solution is the RightMed Test, which covers a broad array of genes and 100+ medications while maintaining the highest levels of supporting pharmacogenomic evidence. This balance between coverage and evidence brings value to healthcare institutions by providing a wide range of genes and medications to match health systems’ diverse specialty needs, while empowering providers to prescribe with more confidence.

The RightMed Solution includes a suite of products and services to help healthcare systems implement PGx testing in a way that complements existing workflows.

RightMed is:

  • Comprehensive, with a polypharmacy approach that supports care for a variety of conditions and specialties

  • Evidence-based, backed by significant clinical evidence

  • Customizable, with a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations

  • Supportive, with training, education, Vantage™ (OneOme’s complimentary decision support application), and complimentary clinical consults

How it works

The RightMed Test gives your organization’s providers high quality, evidence-based PGx information as a standalone lab test, or as part of a broader program.

What’s included for health systems?

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    DNA sample collection (blood or buccal) and sample processing at OneOme’s CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory

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    Multiple billing options, including patient pay, insurance bill, and institutional bill

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    PDF report of results available in secure, HIPAA-compliant portal or via fax

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    Interpretation assistance with complimentary clinical consults and Vantage clinical decision support application

Additional options for health systems

EHR integration and alerts

Streamline ordering and test results retrieval with our EHR integration, and/or leverage RightMed Test results at the point of prescribing with clinical decision support alerts.

Customized panel creation

Create custom gene panels for your entire organization, specific specialties, or even for individual patients with RightMed Select. Institutional billing is required for this option. LEARN MORE >

Population stratification

Identify the patients most likely to benefit from PGx testing with OneOme’s proprietary stratification engine. Factors impacting stratification include: number of relevant medications, phenotype frequencies, potential gene-drug interaction severity, and more.

Single gene tests

Get information on an individual gene. Providers may prefer this option in certain clinical scenarios to get relevant information and align with practice guidelines and insurance requirements. Available genes include CYP2C19, CYP2D6, DPYD, MTHFR, SLC6A4, TPMPT, and UGT1A1.

Image of Rachael

“I brought my RightMed Test results back to the doctors and asked that they consider them when choosing a new medication for me. They reviewed them and switched me to a different medication. Within days, I felt so much better.”

- Rachael

Get started today

To learn more or to get started with PGx in your health system, please contact us. A business development representative will work with you to create a solution to match your system’s unique needs.

Resources for healthcare organizations

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    Sample RightMed Comprehensive Report

    View a sample report to see how gene and medication results are presented, in the context of the full report.

  • [noalt]

    Sample RightMed Gene Report

    View a sample report to see how gene-only results are presented. Patients will only have access to their results through this report type.

  • [noalt]

    Vantage info sheet

    Learn more about the Vantage clinical decision support application, including its benefits and features.


  1. IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science. Medicine Use and Spending in the U.S. Published May 2019. Accessed June 10, 2020.
  2. Spear BB, Heath-Chiozzi M, Hu J. Clinical application of pharmacogenetics. Trends Mol. Med. 2001; 7, 201–204.

Business Development


Brett Miller

Brett Miller joined the OneOme team in 2017 and serves as Senior Director of Business Development. With a background in biotechnology, healthcare software, and medical laboratory sales, experience in medical device sales, and an interest in emerging sciences, supporting precision medicine initiatives in the nation’s leading health systems has been a consistent passion of Brett’s for over a decade.

Those who work with Brett describe him as a collaborative and significant driver of growth and success. He is known for his work ethic, adaptability, and creativity in solving customer problems, and his team leadership both on the road, with clients and connections, and at the OneOme offices. He and his wife make their home in the Minneapolis suburbs where they enjoy freezing winters and beautiful summers with their two kids and dog.