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Turn genomic insights into improved patient outcomes.

Make personalized medication decisions with the help of the RightMed® Test. Covering 100+ medications, this pharmacogenomic (PGx) test analyzes a patient’s DNA and provides insights to assist you when you are selecting medications for that patient. The results may help you:

  • Optimize patient care
  • Increase prescribing efficiency
  • Minimize the risk of side effects
  • Reduce medication trial and error
  • Improve economic efficiency of healthcare system
  • Improve medication adherence

Medications covered

The RightMed Comprehensive Test covers 100+ commonly prescribed medications, including metoprolol (Lopressor), citalopram (Celexa), pantoprazole (Protonix), escitalopram (Lexapro), tramadol (Ultram), codeine, clopidogrel (Plavix), amitriptyline (Elavil), paroxetine (Paxil), simvastatin (Zocor), and more.

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“I brought my RightMed Test results back to the doctors and asked that they consider them when choosing a new medication for me. They reviewed them and switched me to a different medication. Within days, I felt so much better.”

- Rachael

We make it easy for you

How it works

The RightMed Test is a flexible solution with several options for ordering, payment, sample collection, and results retrieval. Additional tools and services are also available to help you understand and interpret the test results.

Ordering the test

There are two ways to order the test for your patient. You can either order the test online through OneOme’s secure, HIPAA-compliant portal, or you can download and fill out a paper order form and fax it directly to OneOme.

OneOme also offers the ability for patients to request the test online by self-referring, and a physician from an independent network will review their information and prescribe the test for them, if appropriate (U.S. only). With this option, patients will receive a consultation with a genetic counselor (included in the cost of the test) to help them understand their genetic results. If you prefer, you can recommend your patient request the test that way, and they can then share the results with you through OneOme’s secure portal.


When you order the test for your patient, there are three payment options. We offer a patient self-pay option (U.S. only), insurance billing (U.S. only), and institutional billing. When billing to insurance or an institution, the price may vary.

Learn more >

Sample collection

Buccal sample collection kits can be sent directly to the patient’s home, or OneOme can send collection kits to your office so you have them on hand to collect the patient’s sample during their appointment. OneOme’s lab also accepts blood samples collected at your office.

How to take a sample >

View sample requirements >

Result retrieval

Once your patient’s results are ready, OneOme will either make them available in your OneOme portal account (if you have an account set up) or fax the results to you (if a fax number is provided in the order process).

As the provider, you get access to the following test reports:

  • RightMed Comprehensive Test Report, which includes the patient’s genetic results plus 100+ medications classified according to the patient’s genotypes. View sample Comprehensive Report >
  • RightMed Gene Report, which only includes the patient’s genetic results. Please note that patients will only have access to this report. View sample Gene Report >

Are you a provider or pharmacist looking to bring pharmacogenomics to your health institution? The RightMed Solution can be customized for your institution’s unique needs, including EHR integration options, population health solutions, and more.

Clinical decision support

Tools and services to help you understand your patient’s test results come complimentary with the RightMed Test.

Vantage™ decision support application

Get more in-depth information on your patient’s RightMed results — without having to scroll through pages of data you don’t use — in OneOme’s interactive clinical decision support application.

Clinical consultations

Providers and pharmacists can contact OneOme support to schedule one-on-one clinical consultations with OneOme’s licensed pharmacogenomic experts to get help interpreting their patient’s RightMed results.

Get started

Get started today by contacting us to create a OneOme portal account. Or, you can download OneOme’s test requisition form.

Provider and pharmacist resources

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    Sample RightMed Comprehensive Report

    View a sample report to see how gene and medication results are presented, in the context of the full report.

  • [noalt]

    Sample RightMed Gene Report

    View a sample report to see how gene-only results are presented. Patients will only have access to their results through this report type.

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    Vantage info sheet

    Learn more about the Vantage clinical decision support application, including its benefits and features.


Interested in learning more about pharmacogenomics?

Learn more about PGx through Pharmacogenomics for your Practice, produced by Mayo Clinic. This online course uses over 50 engaging videos from Mayo Clinic experts to teach you how pharmacogenomics testing can make an impact in your practice.


How do I order a test?

Healthcare providers can order our test in several ways, including by:

  1. Filling out and returning a test requisition form.
  2. Placing an order on OneOme’s provider portal. If you do not have a portal account, contact us to create one.

Can pharmacists order your tests?

In the United States, only pharmacists with collaborative practice agreements in place, pharmacists in California with Advance Practice Pharmacist Certifications, or pharmacists in New Mexico with Pharmacist Clinician certifications can order our tests. In certain countries (like Canada), pharmacists can order our tests. OneOme strongly believes that pharmacists play an essential role in implementing pharmacogenomics in patient care.

How long does it take to receive the results?

Results are typically released 7-10 business days after OneOme receives the sample.

How much does the RightMed Test cost and what billing options are available?

We offer a patient self-pay option for $349 (U.S. only). Additionally, we offer insurance (U.S. only) and institutional billing. When billing to insurance or an institution, the price may vary. For insurance billing only, we offer a financial assistance program that may reduce patients’ maximum out-of-pocket cost. Learn more about the cost of the RightMed Test, billing options, and financial assistance.

Does the RightMed Test include the MTHFR gene?

OneOme recognizes that there are differing opinions on MTHFR. Because of this, OneOme gives providers the option to choose whether or not to order MTHFR as a single-gene add-on to the RightMed Test.

For providers interested in MTHFR, it can be added at no additional cost when ordering the RightMed Test. MTHFR results will be provided on a separate report containing analytical results only. MTHFR is also available as a standalone single gene test. Please note that MTHFR is not available to patients who purchase the test through OneOme's independent physician network; their provider must place an order for them and add MTHFR. View our sample MTHFR test report.

For providers who are not interested in receiving MTHFR results, please note it is not included with the RightMed Test unless it is actively selected as an add-on test.

What web browsers do you support for the OneOme portal?

OneOme’s online tools are best accessed using the most up to date web browser for your device, with Chrome as the preferred browser for the optimal experience.

OneOme supports the following versions for each browser:

  • Chrome 50 or greater
  • Firefox 45 or greater
  • Safari 9.1 or greater
  • Edge 38 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11